The following course is born as a need to adapt the training curricula to the new technologies that are beginning to make their way into today’s society and what better way than creating a project where students encompass all the technologies that are emerging and that are beginning to be available to everyone, such as robotics through boards like Arduino with its sensors and actuators, 3D design and printing, which can now be purchased for a small price, and design with open platforms like FreeCAD and graphic programming, such as the inventor app, which opens up a world of unimaginable possibilities without knowledge of computer syntax.

The needs we propose is that the students who receive this knowledge are initiated in technologies that are the future jobs and that are faster than the updating of the training curricula that are currently being taught in formal education.

Learning to link them together, as it is a multidisciplinary project and the current training does not contemplate this possibility unless you study several training cycles. We can see that current training is only focused on training in one sector and current companies demand multidisciplinary workers for the technological positions that are beginning to appear.

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1. Control boards, sensors and actuators

We are going to enter the world of robotics through:

2. Fuel cell (power supply)

3. Structure design

Every project needs a support where to place the necessary components, such as sensors, actuators, control boards, etc.

At this point we are going to deal with everything related to structural design working with different bases:

For this, different computer programs will be worked on and ideas will be given to be able to develop all our ideas.

4. IoT (Internet of Things)

We are immersed in what is known as “new technologies” that entail a process of total digitization. Within this process, one of the most relevant trends that predicts a future of enormous possibilities is what is known as the IoT (Internet of Things) or Internet of things.

As its name suggests, the IoT basically tries to connect all kinds of devices or “things” to each other through the network. Each of those devices have some of these capabilities:

5. SGT Practical Prototypes

In this section you can see 5 prototypes built with all the information gathered in the previous points. (under construction)

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