The second meeting of the Erasmus+ project SMART GREEN TRANSPORT in Udine, Italy has just ended. In the first part of the meeting, has been defined the final details that will lead the partners to develop the prototypes of models of various hydrogen-powered vehicles equipped with IoT.

During the second part of the meeting the group moved to Amaro to participate in two study visits, first at the IoT node headquarters and then at the Eurotech headquarters. In the Technological Innovation Center – IoT node, the group could learn how research and technology transfer activities take place in the area and see some of the results achieved in real life.

The company’s activities were presented at Eurotech with a specific focus on applications in the transport sector.

The suggestions provided to the working group were truly remarkable for the group, which has now pressed on the accelerator with regard to the development part of the project to get to the next one in Athens with prototypes.

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