The Prahova County School Inspectorate organised in Ploiesti, Romania on 22-23 March 2023 the third transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Smart Green Transport in VET“.

Guests representing three of the four ISJ partners participated: CIFASA and ITE_Network from Spain and EnAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia from Italy. During the two days of the meeting there were discussions on the development of the activities, with a special focus on the launch of the open online course “Introduction to Robotics, Structural Design, Fuel Cells and Internet of Things – IoT”. Thus, any interested teacher and student can register and take this course for free, in one of the 5 languages of the project (EN, RO, ES, IT, GR), and will receive a certificate of participation at the end.

On the first day of the meeting, the participants paid a study visit to one of the leading technology companies in Romania: KARDYNAL INTSERV OFFICE SRL.

Its manager, Mr. Lucian Verga, was kind enough to present the company’s activities and achievements in the field of industrial process automation, including the use of industrial robots. The dialogue that took place was considered very interesting by the partners of the Smart green transport project, especially in view of the evidences related to the use at the highest level of technologies based on robotization, on the use of different systems and devices that are also at the heart of the Erasmus+ project.

On the last day of the project meeting, the partners visited the premises of the Economic College “Virgil Madgearu”, Ploiești municipality, where they met both the partner teachers of this project and the students. The Prahova County School Inspectorate has as associated partners in the Erasmus+ project “Smart Green Transport” the Economic High School “Virgil Madgearu” and the National High School “Mihai Viteazul” in Ploiesti. The two high schools have distinguished themselves in recent years with particularly interesting activities in the field of robotics. Thus, the students of “Mihai Viteazul” National High School won the INSPIRE 1 and Connect I prizes at the FTC Robotics Championship, through the Ro2D2 team and Brave Bots team.

The students from “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations ,,TRAIAN VUIA” Timisoara, in 2020. The students were accompanied by Mrs. Corina Cristescu, the principal of the Economic College, and by their teachers Nicoleta Constantinescu, Cristina Sârbu, both from the Economic College and Georgiana Andreescu, from “Mihai Viteazul” National College. The foreign partners were impressed by the students’ results and the dedication of the teachers.

The day ended with a study visit to another high-tech company from Ploiesti: CyberSwarm. Thus, we could learn about the latest advances in the field of using memory crystals in order to obtain the first computer systems capable of ensuring the transition to the new generation of computers, with reduced energy consumption, much higher computing power and much more secure. CyberSwarm is a Romanian start-up, engaged in research and development, internationally funded. Mihai Raneti, the company’s manager, holds an impressive number of US patents in the field of these technologies. The talks were particularly interesting, culminating in the presentation of a computer based on the use of memristors in pattern recognition.

The activities of the third meeting of the Smart green transport project ended successfully, with the work of the Romanian team, the quality of the students and teachers involved and the value of the companies visited being highlighted. The next meeting, the fourth, will take place in Madrid in September 2023.

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